Who we are

Coast To Coast HK is importing some of Canada’s best quality seafood to Hong Kong. Along with offering this seafood, we take great pride in providing the knowledge consumers demand when purchasing this product.

Our History

Having been in Hong Kong for over 7 years, continuously being told ‘Boston Lobster’ was delicious, it became tiring to explain, that most lobsters caught and exported globally, is actually Canadian. In fact, there are many seafood items that come from Canada, exported, and then become known as that imported country’s seafood. Canada also has the world’s largest Snow Crab fishery. Shocked right?

That’s why we are here. We don’t provide all the international seafood available, we just provide the best seafood available.

Why Frozen Seafood

We specialise in Fresh Frozen seafood, as we believe a frozen product, done with the quality we demand, will actually taste better then most ‘fresh’ seafood in the market


Freezing fresh seafood actually freezes time, which means you get the fresh taste from the Canadian Coast, to your coast in Hong Kong.


Frozen seafood is able to be transported easily and safely. This means less carbon emissions and cheaper prices!


Imagine you are at the end of a long day, you haven’t made plans for dinner and you need to cook something quickly. A pack of frozen fish is the answer!